Snap. Donate. Feel Good.

With all the buzz about Apple Pay and contactless payments, it's hardly surprising that the cash wallet seems to be dying out. So what about all those charities that have people holding buckets on the street and asking for spare change? They can now adapt to the times and go electronic. SnapDonate is a new app that lets you take a pic of a charity's logo to donate to it. The app recognises the logo and opens up it's donation page, where you can donate what you like (starting at £2). Find out more.

Traditional light bulb + modern tech

Remember when the EU said that incandescent light bulbs would stop being sold? And loads of people stocked up because they didn't like the new light bulbs? Well, the new LED light bulb from Cree may convert them! The LEDs are housed in a traditional light bulb shape, including the cap! So those passionate about the look of the light bulbs can enjoy the energy and cost-savings offered by LED technology without sacrificing the look of their old fashioned bulbs. Find out more.

Don't tax the internet

In an attempt to bring down the budget deficit, Hungary proposed a plan to tax the internet. Internet providers would have to pay per gigabyte of data traffic. The government tried to appease the public by saying they'd cap the tax, but tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Budapest to protest against the tax on Sunday night. The result? The government has decided to shelve the proposed internet tax, as reported by the BBC.

Happy Halloween!