Ok, so the system (it seems) did crash half way through sending the message, but it's hard to believe that the internet is so old! We've moved on a lot from the days of dial up and now with 4G and Fibre connections it seems fitting that Internet Day shares its day with Cat Day given how prolific cat videos are on the web! But aside from watching videos of cats, what are we doing on an average day online?

The answer it seems, is a bit of everything. The internet is more than a communication tool; it's distraction, a source of information and entertainment and a shopping destination!

Key Take Aways

  • North America is the most connected (78.6%)
  • Blogging - 2.73 million blog posts are published daily
  • Still messaging! We send 144.8 billion emails a day and 500 million tweets
  • Searching, to the tune of 5.92 billion queries a day