Having looked over the design of the original site, we decided to use Wordpress to ensure an easy to use CMS for the clients. Using the main Wordpress annual theme, layered over with a Child Theme it was coded to make it more unique. The site was required to be mobile responsive, we added in breakpoints for smartphones and tablet size screens, since so many customers for services such as these will often be doing first research for providers on mobile devices. Taking advantage of mobile media queries, we ascertained what content on the site is a priority for their customers to see on a smaller screen, so hid some items and made others more obvious such as their homepage offer box. Using the Wordpress plugin, Yoast, to assist with the SEO aspects of the site, we could ensure that the text on the various Services pages were optimised to deliver the message needed as clearly as possible.

Tablet and smartphone responsive design for PutneyPlumbers.com