Reaper Enterprises

Reaper Enterprises has been providing website design, digital and IT solutions since 2000.

What we do

Creating an online presence that works for you. 

A website is the beating heart of your online body and keeps things flowing from awareness (via SEO and organic clicks) to goal completion. When websites shine though is when they're linked with other marketing efforts. We offer a full service solution; domains, hosting to design, development, maintenance and digital marketing.  We're also (a bit) clever and help a number of businesses and private individuals with their IT needs. Our clients get things sorted simply by ringing us

Strategic website & marketing consultancy and solution design.

From sketching out how it'll work through to implementation and maintenance, Reaper Enterprises is a one-stop shop, ensuring you're not chasing multiple suppliers and all parts do more than simply work together. With experience in CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, CGI, Perl, ASP, Java, XML, Oracle and more, we draw from our knowledge to provide you with the best fit solution for your needs. Check out some of the projects we've been involved with on our Portfolio page.

Who we are

Good things come in small packages.

When you work with us, you actually work with us. We don't outsource to another country because that's not fair to you. Ring us and we answer (we're old school like that). We try to make the process of creating a website as enjoyable as possible for you, so we have a pretty straight forward design and development process.

Nicholas Young
Managing Director, Founder

Alex Gee
Sales and Account Director

Maureen Young


Our core team is small, but between us, we know and do a lot. We're fortunate enough to work with experts in a variety of fields as and when we need to (view credits).  We believe in giving back.

Nominet Accredited RegistrarWe are an accredited registrar with Nominet. As an accredited channel partner we register and manage domains on behalf of our customers and are committed to providing higher standards of data quality and customer service.

Why we do it

We despair over companies who mislead clients. We believe solutions should be provided based on needs, not on commission. It baffles us when we talk to someone who's been completely mis-sold a solution, whether it's website, marketing or software, that doesn't actually do what they need. We have fun doing what we do, not all day every day, but we have fun.

Plus, there's nothing like being told the work you've done is good, great, excellent, the best thing in the world. (Yes, praise goes a long way!)


We started out in Chobham, Surrey and expanded to Putney, London in 2005. Founder Nicholas Young was educated and trained as an Electrical Engineer and bought his first computer, a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, in 1982. Decades later and you'll find him in front of 3 monitors powered by 2 PCs, all controlled by 1 mouse and 1 keyboard (seriously), but no longer on the ZX Spectrum. Inspired by the turn of a new millennium and driven by wanting to be more creative at work and providing a level of service he felt all clients deserved, Nicholas has since expanded the company to include a London office and members of staff. Since its start, Reaper has seen one of its clients move into Number 10 (yes, we did David Cameron's website when he was just an MP) and numerous others expand their business profile by appealing to a growing online consumer base.

The name Reaper Enterprises is a nod to Nicholas' days at the University of East Anglia as DJ Reaper.

Who We've Helped

Tennants Distribution

Their professional approach and broad in-depth knowledge of this rapidly developing technology has greatly enhanced our business...
Stuart Alexander, Tennants Distribution

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Testimonial from Infused Studios

... website enquiries and visits increased as soon as the site went liveĀ ...
- Rina Chan, Infused Studios

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Artists Rifles Association

We chose Reaper because as well as having a strong portfolio they had a physical office presence that promised continuity and the potential for development of a strong relationship
Artists Rifles Association

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