Apps provide a convenient way for people to access content on their smart devices.

The key is, on their smart devices. Where the web is universally accessible, apps are limited to an operating system and to devices that the app has been designed for and have enough space to install the app. Seriously, it happens that people simply run out of space on devices to install more apps.  Going mobile doesn't always mean an app. 

Let's Build an App

Got an idea? Fantastic! Instead of immediately pigeon-holing it as an app, we like to look at the idea itself and establish if it's best suited for an app (if so, on what device/platform?) or as a website.

What to consider:

  • Apple and/or Android? 
  • Will the app require login? (if so, social or email?)
  • Will there be in-app purchases?
  • Will there be a rating or review aspect?
  • Will the app connect with your website? 
  • Do you want the design to be bare bones, with a focus on function?

An app isn't a mobile strategy

Not every idea is suitable for an app. Understanding why the app is better than a well built responsive website and what value it gives to users helps inform the development.

  1. What added value does the app offer over a website?
    If the answer is it won't, then why have an app?
    Example: A national bus company has an app that provides the exact same content as their mobile website. So what happened? Downloaded & uninstalled within the space of 10min because it didn't provide any added value but took up space on the phone.
  2. What will the app offer the user?
    Why is the user going to download it? 

Have an idea for an app?

Let's talk