Slapping words on a page won’t ensure good communication, just as mashing your hands across a piano won’t make for a pleasant composition. - Jason Santa Maria, A List Apart

We Help Clients Communicate Better

We're readers, so it's no surprise that we are passionate about how words can create absolute magic sometimes. We're not trying to write the next Harry Potter of course, but we are trying to make the web a friendlier, nicer place to spend time. As part of that, we help clients choose their words carefully. Our copywriting services are tailored for the project. Some of the copywriting we've helped clients with include:

  • Copy editing for SEO and clarity
  • Developing their messaging and "voice"
  • Writing content for websites and social media
  • Taglines / straplines

Turning Good Writing into Great Writing

When was the last time you read an entire webpage?

Think about it. Been a while? That's the case for most of us. The truth is, we skim. 

Skimming means you have less words to get your message across. This is why copywriting is so important to websites. Sure, pretty much anyone can write, but can they write for an audience that skims? Can they write headings and subheadings that help readers quickly identify what the topic is?

Good copy, combined with clear typography and hierarchy create great websites that visitors enjoy (skim) reading. We tailor our writing to suit your business' tone and can layout the final copy so it's clear, easy to read and navigate.

Finding Your Voice

Copy should have a tone. Whether it's conversational, professional and / or welcoming - how words are put together conveys just as much as the words themselves.

Getting to know the business, the message and the audience is our foundation for great copy. When we write copy for you we'll look at your business, review past communications, look at your target market and devise a content strategy focused on what the message is and how to best convey it.

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