Putney Canteen responsive website

The Putney Canteen is a restaurant on Putney Bridge Approach that also provides a canteen for busy diners who want healthy, good food on the go. The design theme for the restaurant was 'Industrial Cool' and we incorporated this into the website by integrating chunkier arrows and creating a washed white-brick background. We kept the elements quite heavy feeling to embody a more canteen style sturdiness.

Because we eat in part with our eyes, we wanted to incorporate photos of the food throughout the site. The homepage slideshow uses images that we captured within the first few months of the restaurant's opening to give online visitors visuals of the restaurant and the food they can expect there. With behind the scenes access, we captured the bread being made and baked as well as a number of the finished dishes. But we also recognised the appeal of reading what others thought and integrated comments from social media, particularly where photos of the food they had were included. This created a balance between the professional images and voice with actual real-world opinions and photos.

Creating a passport stamp inspired watermark for photos meant we could brand the images and also incorporate a few words on what diners can expect at Putney Canteen so each visual conveys a clear message.

Putney Canteen photography - bread

Food on Pass at Putney Canteen

Sweet Treats at Putney Canteen


  • Homepage slideshow
  • Daily rotating news box

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