Disclaimer: We are resellers of Office 365 BUT we also use it because it works.

The panic that happens when the internet goes down is seconded by the rising panic when you can't send or receive emails. Office 365 offers a guarantee of 99.9% uptime -- so as long as you have a device connected to the internet, you can send and receive emails. By not relying on a server, it avoids relying on the server being up and connected to the internet. But how secure is Office 365? Very. Find out more about Office 365 security.

Benefits of Office 365 for email

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Access email on your devices or via the web
  • Use your own domain name
  • 50GB of storage per user
    An Exchange account provides 2GB
  • Send and receive messages up to 25MB
  • Industry-leading anti-malware and anti-spam protection
  • Turn on Clutter to remove less important messages from your inbox
  • Add on Exchange Online Archiving for secure and reliable archiving

Exchange Online Archiving

Archive your emails to the cloud, hosted by Microsoft servers.

  • Unlimited storage as standard
  • eDiscovery to find, produce and manage your data
  • Microsoft phone support available 24/7
  • Access email archive from Outlook and Outlook Web App
  • Manage archived email within your inbox
    eliminiates the need for locally kept .pst files
  • Set up retention policies to archive or delete items as you wish


Unveiled on 11 November 2014, Clutter can be turned on in your Office 365 Web app (it's turned off by default). Turning it on will unleash the power of Office Graph on your inbox by moving low-priority messages into a folder, conveniently named Clutter, so you can still access the messages but focus on what's most important to you in your inbox. You can train Clutter by moving messages yourself. 

If you use Gmail's Priority Inbox, Clutter sounds similiar, but instead of creating another inbox view for you, it removes the low priority messages from your actual inbox and puts them in a seperate folder.


Can I still share my inbox and calendars?
Yes. You can change your settings so others within your organisation can access your inbox and share your calendar.

Is it secure?

Office 365 uses the defense-in-depth approach to provide physical, logical, and data layers of security features and operational best practices. - Office 365 Trust Center website

We recommend Office 365 as a practical and affordable solution for email hosting. Get your email onto the cloud, call us on 0845 272 3534.