Brand is how people think about your business. 

The fundamental idea behind an identity programme is that in everything the organisation does, everything it owns, and everything it produces, it should project a clear idea of what it is and what its aims are. Wally Olins

Your brand is so much more than colours and fonts (although that can be an integral part of it!). Whether you're looking to rebrand or create a brand we can help.

We start by getting to know what the brand is and how it should be perceived. From there, it's a matter of trial and error to come up with a colour palette and font(s) that begin to convey the right feeling. Once that's established, it's mock up time! Mock ups show how the colours, fonts and other graphics can be used together to create marketing material, starting with the logo.

Logo Design

The visual link to your company. This shorthand visual reference to say who you are may be a word, symbol or combination of the two.

When designing a logo, we think of how it'll be used when designing it. If combining words and symbols, should the symbol be able to reference the brand on its own? We consider what happens in a social media setting where the profile image is usually a square (rectangular logos can require some shortening or reworking), can it be used as a watermark, how does it 'fit' with other information on stationary?

Marketing Materials

Business cards, letterhead, compliment slips, brochures -- whatever your marketing material needs, we can help design it. We can also recommend printers if you don't already have one you regularly use. For things like letterhead, maybe a Word template is a better solution for you as you can then just type directly onto the template & hit print without worrying which side is up before feeding the paper into the printer.


This links into our digital marketing services, but copywriting is an important part of your brand identity. We can help your brand find its voice.