Social Media is a great way to communicate.

Social isn't a soap box. So don't use it to stand on and shout about you. Social is social - use it to talk, ask questions, share things, prompt a response. In short, be friendly about it. Used right, social media is a great way to increase awareness, influence the consideration process and encourage intent. Used wrong, it can cause discontent and drive customers away. The last thing anyone every wants to do is follow or like someone who just talks about themselves all the time, or buy from a company that ignores them.

We Help Make You Sociable

From devising the strategy behind the social media channels to be used, to drafting the actual messages, sending them out & handling any queries, we help manage your social media marketing. 

Getting content out there

Social makes it so easy to share content. Retweet, Share, Like, Pin It... all these one button actions that distribute content across networks. Small things like having the tweet pre-written when someone goes to Tweet a link is helpful. But it starts with creating content that visitors will want to share and make it easy for them to do so. We love words and can help you write your messages.

Answering Questions

Social has evolved into a customer service channel. So instead of filling out a contact form or finding an email, people are as likely to Tweet or write on your Wall for answers. That means your social media account should have a person behind it who can quickly reply to messages, redirecting the person as needed.