Because of Samsung's extra attention to the camera, they have also produced a phone cover with lens attachments.

The lenses have a metal body and feel solid and well made. The wide-angle lens provides a 108° viewing angle - a magnification of 0.63. The zoom lens has a viewing angle of 45° and a magnification of 2 times. It even comes with a small plastic case for storing both lenses. The case itself feels quite solid, and should provide decent protection for the phone. The lenses attach by screwing into the case.

Here is a first test of the camera with a fairly close subject. The pictures are: without any add-on lens, with the wide angle lens and with the zoom lens respectively.

So far I am impressed by the quality of the pictures produced by the S7. The camera focuses quickly, and takes the picture quickly. Next test will be to see how good it is in low light.

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