Reaper Enterprises will ensure that your website is hosted on servers that are powerful enough to handle the load, from delivering html pages to a computer, to running programmes and databases. The benefit of hosting with Reaper is that when you need to talk to your hosting provider, you can. We won't redirect you to a call centre, we won't lose the problem in a poor CRM so you have to tell a dozen different people what's wrong, we'll listen & then find a solution.

All our packages are tailored to the customers requirements, so there is no standard package. Some of the features you can expect are: Plenty of disk space, cgi-scripts, SQL database, POP3 and IMAP email, Webmail (Horde). Website visitor statistics are also included, however we recommend Google Analytics for more advanced tracking tools.

Reaper Enterprises recommends Linux based systems running Apache web server, as it is one of the most efficient and reliable platforms available. The majority of the websites we build are based on the archetypal model called LAMP as there are a number of CMS packages available that run on this model. We will however always consider every possible platform to ensure the client's requirements are met.

SSL Certificates

For customer confidence and to ensure that their transactions are safe, you should secure your website with SSL certificates. Reaper Enterprises hosting packages will enable you to add this facility. There are a number of different types of SSL certificates and a member of our staff will be pleased to advise you on the best option for your website.