Travellers Club website

We've had the honour of working with The Travellers Club since their very first website. Having that connection with the club meant that we were well placed to understand and meet their evolving website needs. This most recent iteration of The Travellers Club website not only offers a modern and fresh approach, it also launches an online shop for their members. 

The Travellers Club is one of the oldest of the Pall Mall clubs. We wanted to celebrate its history and provide the general public with a glimpse into the origins of the club and its clubhouse. The primary purpose of the site though is as an online portal for members to access club information.

Content unique to the visitor

The site's content and navigation menu cater to the type of viewer; public, member and reciprocal member. The bulk of the website content is restricted to members with some private pages open to reciprocal members as well.

Members have a noticeboard page, which they are taken to on logging in, which provides the Club with an online communications tool.  We updated the noticeboard page so that the content was hidden by default & members are able to select the title to expand and read more. Recognising the preferences of members we retained the Quick Links menu on the noticeboard page so members could easily jump to pages of interest.

Travellers Club event page

A colour-coordinated calendar also enables members to see, at a glance, when events are taking place at the Club and the nature of the event. The events page then includes the option to click to add the event to popular online calendars like Outlook and Google Calendar.

Interactive content

interactive reciprocal clubs map

The page for reciprocal clubs allows members to search by city, country & map view. Members can also contribute reviews for reciprocal clubs so they can share their experiences and recommendations with others.  

We also expanded upon the recorded talks offering with embedded video content in a broader range of topics. In doing so we updated the navigation menu and category structure so that members can access recorded content by topic.


Developed in the time of COVID-19 when e-commerce became the standard form of commerce as face-to-face non-essential shops had to close, The Travellers Club online shop enables members to buy items from the club online.

Online shop

The shop enables members to save addresses and select their shipping option. Depending on the cost of their order and the destination, different shipping costs are automatically applied. Members also have the ability to select a preferred date for either delivery or collection during checkout.

Our Solutions:

  • Responsive design
  • Content management system
  • e-commerce
  • Audio file upload & embedding so members can listen to past talks
  • Video embedding
  • Digital development
  • Members calendar
  • Interactive map for reciprocal clubs
  • Member generated content; reviews of reciprocal clubs
  • Restricted access pages
  • Tailored menus and content based on logged in status

Thank you postcard from The Travellers Club

Dear Maureen,
Just wanting to say a BIG THANK YOU! for all the work you put into creating a very fresh and user friendly-website. The members feedback has been very positive. I appreciate the thought that has gone into it. Yours sincerely, Subhash @ The Travellers Club

Dear Maureen and Reaper Enterprises, I am writing to say how happy our members are at, The Travellers Club are since the launch of the new website in February 2014. They like the new layout design and the user friendliness of using the website. As the webmaster for the club I find it much easier uploading the podcast and editing the pages as most of the editing is done from the front. I am impressed at the ease of photographs being updated regularly and no issue with the file size. Thank you so much for your attention to detail in creating a fabulous website.
Yours sincerely, Subhash
Subhash Chandran Club House Manager