Travellers Club website

The Travellers Club is a members only club with a membership list based around the world. We designed the club's first website over 10 years ago and were pleased to work with the Club again when their website outgrew their needs. The primary design remit was to create a visually-led site that would allow members to provide friends and family with a virtual tour of their club. 

We enjoyed the luxury of knowing exactly who the target audience for the website was and in some cases, converse directly with members while the site was in development to make informed design decisions. Members were also invited to provide feedback and suggestions at the onset of the project. This information helped us to create a new site that fully met members' needs.

The site's content and navigation menu cater to the type of viewer; public, member and reciprocal member. Members have a noticeboard page, which they are taken to on logging in, which provides the Club with an online communications tool.  Recognising what members were most likely to use the website for, we also implemented a Quick Links menu on the noticeboard page so members could easily jump to pages of interest. A colour-coordinated calendar also enables members to see, at a glance, when events are taking place at the Club and the nature of the event.

As part of creating a visually-led design, we also took a number of photographs for use on the site to showcase key architectural and interior features.

Our Solutions:

  • Photography
  • Responsive design
  • Content management system
  • Audio file upload & embedding so members can listen to past talks
  • Digital development
  • Members calendar
  • Restricted access pages
  • Tailored menus and content based on logged in status

Thank you postcard from The Travellers Club

Dear Maureen,
Just wanting to say a BIG THANK YOU! for all the work you put into creating a very fresh and user friendly-website. The members feedback has been very positive. I appreciate the thought that has gone into it. Yours sincerely, Subhash @ The Travellers Club

Dear Maureen and Reaper Enterprises, I am writing to say how happy our members are at, The Travellers Club are since the launch of the new website in February 2014. They like the new layout design and the user friendliness of using the website. As the webmaster for the club I find it much easier uploading the podcast and editing the pages as most of the editing is done from the front. I am impressed at the ease of photographs being updated regularly and no issue with the file size. Thank you so much for your attention to detail in creating a fabulous website. Yours sincerely, Subhash Subhash Chandran Club House Manager