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Cole's Books is an independent bookseller in Bicester, Oxfordshire. Having sold signed books online for a number of years, they came to us to have their website updated. Our goal in crafting a new ecommerce site for Cole's was to create an online experience that better mirrored the in-store experience. To accomplish this, we worked with Nigel at Cole's to implement a new navigation structure that clearly defined major product categories and then subcategories. Providing a clearer navigation menu helps visitors better understand what the site offers and access areas relevant to them.


40% ↑
improved bounce rate

796% ↑
organic search traffic

Stats from Google Analytics for the 30-day period before and after new website went live

About the Design

We took parts of Cole's stylised C logo to create a bright header and footer bar and the logo colours informed the colour palette used on throughout the site. We did an edit on the text provided for the homepage slideshow to create a text intro to primary category pages to give the page more character and reinforce the idea that when buying from Cole's, you're buying from a real book shop. Adding a delivery info tab to product pages gives the visitor easy access to info on shipping and handling.

Coles Books item page

Once we were all happy with the site, some regular customers were asked to review it:

The new site is clear and easy to use, great that we can now use PayPal and really fantastic to be able to see all your signed books on one page.

Very well thought out. - David B.

I found the website very user friendly and easy to use. I like the option to login to your account which will speed up the check out process and stop the need to keep inputting my details each time I make purchase.

The website looks fresh and all the main details are on the front page which is good. The search option on the front page is very useful. Overall I really like the new website and its clear layout , good job Coles. - Adrian F.

Having real customers review a site is a helpful bonus. In this case, their review largely affirmed the design and content decisions we'd made, but it also helped refine elements on the site, like adding the ability to sort products by date added. 

We also helped refine the copy on the website. Small things like changing Returning Customers to Registered Customers provides a notable difference between customers who may shop with Cole's quite a lot but not yet registered, and those who have registered. Adding the benefits of registration to the point where visitor's choose between registration and checking out as a guest helped boost the number of customers who chose to register as well.

The thought of moving an established website from one software solution to another is quite intimidating. Maureen & Alex at Reaper made this process not only straightforward, but also added in their experience to make sure we got the best value out of Magento for our budget. For bricks & mortar businesses like ours, the connection between online and offline is important, Reaper fully understand this connection and the resulting website is reflects this. Maureen and the team have been an absolute joy to work with and we look forward to working on further projects with Reaper
- Nigel French, Cole's Books


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