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Coles Books is an independent bookseller in Bicester, Oxfordshire. We did a Magento 1x website for Coles and to give them the best foundation for continued growth, we migrated them to Magento 2x during lockdown. The restrictions of lockdown resulted in an evolving remit for the online site; whereas the original site only sold signed editions of books and artwork, as well as limited edition unsigned copies, the updated site would also have regular stock items as well. But the overarching goal, convergence, was consistent. The details on the website are inspired and informed by the real, physical details in the shop and we took full advantage of the opportunity to create a considered online space that embodied the heart of Coles.


31% ↑
improved bounce rate

133% ↑
organic search traffic

Stats from Google Analytics comparing Dec 2020 to Dec 2019

About the Design

As with the previous website, we took inspiration from the Coles logo and used its colours for the website's colour palette. We incorporated the ivy details as background graphics in the header and footer as well.

As with the previous website, a handful of regular customers were invited to provide feedback on the site before it went live. Having real customers review a site is a hugely helpful bonus. In this case, their feedback largely affirmed the design and content decisions we'd made, but it also helped refine elements on the site, like adding the ability to jump to older category pages.

Check out our blog for full details about the Coles Books website.

Our Solutions

  • Responsive website design
  • Magento 2x & WordPress content management systems
  • Digital development for ecommerce website