Infused Studios Responsive Website

Infused Studios are an international award-winning photography team. Their previous website had their portfolio in Flash and their blog seperately, so when it came to designing their new website, we knew we wanted to integrate the two onto one platform for ease of management. We also got rid of the Flash as it simply isn't compatible with modern devices. We knew going into the design process that the photos would be the stars (makes sense, their service is photography!) and the visually-led design makes full use of white space to frame images and gives them plenty of space to shine.

Working from the brand guidelines, with a revised colour scheme to suit screens, we crafted a site in close collaboration with Rina and Anthony of Infused Studios so their online portfolio accurately represented their service offering and best displayed their impressive body of work. We were fortunate to be able to test the design on Infused's past clients. Their feedback helped to streamline the navigation of the site and inform how the content was presented.

The primary goal of the website was to provide an online portfolio that enabled engaged couples to view Infused's work. Secondary to this was improving their search engine ranking. By taking the site out of Flash and having it in HTML and utilising keywords in the copy without sacrificing the reading experience, we were able to boost their ranking even on competitive keywords such as 'wedding photographer.' They now receive visits from a broad range of relevant keywords and appear for search queries outside of their primary geographic zone, perfect for destination wedding photographers!

Website Features

  • Continuous scrolling on Journal page
  • Animation on homepage
  • Responsive slideshow that allows for navigation even on touch devices
  • Travelling plane animation that responds to the destination the visitor selects
  • Sticky navigation menu

Our Digital Solutions

  • Responsive website
  • Content management system
  • Copywriting, including strapline

    Love. You. Always.

    Infused Studios' strapline came about as part of the copy for a gift card. Taking a familiar phrase and adding in full-stops changed how each word was perceived and given how photography captures a moment in time, it's a particularly poignant strapline that reflects what Infused offers. The strapline is used on marketing collateral and as a signature for blog posts.

  • Graphics
  • Digital Marketing (SEO)

    > 300%
    increase in traffic from search engines