Tennants Distribution Sites and App

Tennants DistributionĀ is a nationwide chemical distribution company and we've worked with them for over a decade to create online solutions that meet their business' evolving needs. From its main business website to a LSI Calculator app and various e-commerce sites, we have worked with Tennants to provide ongoing solutions that allow them to serve their customers.

Tennants Distribution Website

Tennants Distribution website


  • Currency exchange
  • Account menu bar for logged in users
  • Online chat

Our Solutions

  • Bespoke content management system
  • Website design
  • Digital Development

Tennants Pool Care e-Commerce Website

Pool Chem e-commerce website


  • Homepage slideshow
  • VAT checker
  • Custom shipping options
  • Trade only customer access
    • Trade customers can register themselves and are automatically verified using the VAT checker
  • Bespoke calculators to determine chemicals and quantities needed

Our Solutions

  • e-commerce website
  • Content management system
  • Website design
  • Digital Development

LSI Calculator AppĀ 

The LSI Calculator App is a user-friendly Android App that allows pool owners and maintainers to easily calculate the LSI level of their pool. The app then uses colour to provide visual clues as to if the levels are fine (green means go) or in need of balancing (red means warning).

Breathe Eezi e-Commerce Website

Breathe Eezi ecommerce website

The Breathe Eeze website is a B2B site so the focus was utility over design.