Visas for Azerbaijan custom website design and development

Visas for Azerbaijan are the exclusive UK service agency for applications to visit Azerbaijan. We developed a simple, clean, brand identity for them as well as designing and developing a bespoke website that handled the application of visas online in a secure manner. Information entered by applicants online is then transferred to a PDF copy of the embassy's bilingual application document so the final application closely resembles what a paper application would look like with the added benefit of being typed in uppercase. The website also auto-calculates the total amount due based on visa, processing and delivery types. It also reminds applicants of the documents and paperwork required for their selected visa type to provide a more user-friendly experience when applying for a visa.

Applicants are able to start the application process and then return to it at a later stage should they not have all the information. The information entered onto the form is editable until the form is submitted. The website also automatically emails usernames, passwords and confirmation that the visa has been submitted.

Office staff have the ability to search all applications so they can process applications received at the centre.

Our Solutions

  • Bespoke website design
  • Bespoke development of online visa applicationĀ processing
  • Bespoke content management system
  • Brand identity