Grey4Gold responsive website

Grey4Gold offers business coaching for retailers. The release of its Retail Start-Up Book prompted a site redesign to showcase the book and refine its service offerings to focus on retail business coaching. We combined the new WordPress website with an interest-driver strategy that uses Mailchimp to gather email addresses in exchange for a free guide.

About the Design

As a text-heavy site, a key design goal was to make the content easy to read. This meant large headings to clearly define areas of interest and creating shorter chunks of text. Having successfully helped a number of retail businesses throughout the UK there were a number of testimonials that could be used on the site. Rather than have a testimonials page, we opted to intersperse the testimonials throughout the site to add a layer of social proofing.

grey4gold retail book

grey4gold page

The Homepage

The homepage makes a bold, clear statement on what Grey4Gold does & supports this statement with a how (coaching, knowledge, insights). On larger screens, the size of the banner image was considered so that the key USP, Experience is the Difference, shows.

grey4gold homepage

Website Colours

Inspired by the brand.

Grey is used as a dark neutral. Gold is used as a secondary accent colour; paired with a teal as the main accent colour.

Why teal?

Colour theory! Teal is known for being a rejuvenating & revitalising colour; representing open communication & clarity of thought. So yes, the colour meaning ties in perfectly with what Grey4Gold does.  

g4g colours square

Brand Identity

g4g colours

Brand Colours

The colours in the logo reinforce the name, Grey4Gold.

Appreciating that yellow doesn't contrast well on a light background, we opted to use it as an accent colour and provide contrast via shadow.

g4g colours

Logo Design

The graphic element of the logo is a 4 on a mosaic circle. The mosaic combines shades of gold & grey, with gold being more dominant.

Why a mosaic?

It represents how small items can be arranged together to create something bigger than the sum of its parts.

A sans-serif font was used for a modern, approachable feel. The "o" in Gold was replaced with an omega symbol, as one of the meanings of omega is "great."

Our Solutions

  • Brand identity
  • Responsive WordPress website