Award-winning content management system with flexible features.

Feature-Rich Software

Joomla! has a number of features available in a basic installation:

  • Multiple user groups
    • Set up and define new users and roles at anytime
  • Media manager
    • Organise your media into folders and subfolders
  • Banner management
    • Set banners to display for certain time periods
  • On-site search
  • Content management
  • What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) editor toolbar
  • Multiple menus
  • Template management
    • Upload your logo
    • Change basic colours
  • Search engine optimised (SEO)
    • Meta data for articles and menu items
    • Image alt tags
  • Flexible content blocks to display on some or all pages of the website
  • Revision History so you can back track any changes

Why We Love It

Joomla! has a greater number of features available out of the box so we find it incredibly powerful from the start. Open-source software means there's hundreds of coders around the world contributing to it and frequent updates improve the usability and security of the software. Joomla's access control list means you can change permissions on pages and content blocks to only display for certain visitors (visitors will need to be logged in to correctly identify them).