We've seen a LOT. That happens when you've been in business since the turn of the millennium. But some things that we hear our clients say about the previous web people they've worked with make our eyebrows go up and a sigh escape. We can't help it, there's such a thing as professional pride!

Your web people could be doing a better job if:

  • They make your username admin and password the site name, or worse, admin
    This makes it incredibly easy for your site to be hacked
  • They leave default settings in place even when they're completely irrelevant
    Got a WordPress website? Please don't say the default Hello World post is still there! Or worse, it's been over written by the URL is the same?
  • You've got a content management system but can't edit things
    Ok, this can be a bit unfair because some things are tricky without knowing some code. But if you can't change the text on a page, there's problems -- either the CMS isn't fit for purpose or content's been entered in such a funny way it's too hard to know where to go to edit
  • The site they're putting together isn't responsive
    Seriously. It doesn't have to be tested on every break point if you don't have the budget for that, but at least on small, medium and large screens.
  • They ignore you
    Pretty obvious one, but if you ask for things and are ignored, that's not good.

What to do about it

Get full admin access for your website and anything else they may have set up (e.g. analytics, social media profiles). A lot of times clients have an account with limited access that covers the basics of editing because it's usually more secure to have a separation between day to day edits and access to things that can break the website. But you should have another set of details that gives you full access to your site because, well, it's your site!

Really, the best thing to do is check at the beginning what will be done. Voice any expectations you have so it's clear what you're expecting. If they make various noises or can't explain how they'll meet your expectations, talk to someone else.

Some things are better shared

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