After listening to Josette's requirements and having a chat about what she wanted her website to achieve, we replatformed the content management system from Joomla! to WordPress. Why? WordPress' new block editor enables us to intersperse content with code while minimising the risk of code being impacted by content updates. It's also incredibly user-friendly, especially once we've provided video tutorials on how to update content. We also migrated her site to our server for more reliable up-time & hosting.

"I have been incredibly impressed with Reaper Enterprises’ top-notch design and hosting services. Maureen has produced a well thought-out bespoke website, and our standing has been enhanced through her professional knowledge of analytics, marketing and audience engagement. In addition, her warm personality and on-going support have made her an absolute pleasure to work with. Reaper has won my unwavering loyalty across the board. Highly recommended."

Josette Lesser
The Communication Experts

Design Features

Can you communicate without contact? There's a COVID question for you! While we've learned over the last year how to stay in touch without being in-person, we still need a channel for communication. This is why the email address and phone number for The Communication Experts appears in the header & in the footer - it removes searching for contact details & makes it easier to action getting in touch.

Visual Intro

All pages have an image banner with images carefully selected by our client to visually identify and distinguish between the different sections. The homepage also features a rotating image banner.

The Communication Experts banner intro

Easy to Action

The menu affixes to the top of the screen on scroll so visitors can easily navigate between pages. In addition, we created a reusable block about Bespoke Training & a contact button to be reused on service pages to once a visitor has read about the benefits of working with The Communication Experts s/he can easily action & get in touch.

comm experts footer

Social Proofing

Testimonials are interspersed within the content to add social proofing to services. A slider of key testimonials also appears on the homepage & all testimonials can be found under About Us. We made use of the reusable blocks feature in WordPress by adding testimonials as a block so they could be easily reused throughout the site.

The Communication Experts page snapshot

Clear Typography 

The readability of copy is improved by using headings to divide content into sections. Providing smaller chunks of copy makes it easier to read & digest content.

On the homepage there are typographic tiles to showcase three USPs of The Communication Experts; Accredited, Qualified, Effective. 

comm experts homepage

Bells & Whistles

  • WordPress content management system with blocks editor
  • Right-click to copy from the website disabled 
  • Google Analytics & Search Console

If you're looking to improve your communication skills, then look no further - check out The Communication Experts!