There is a certain elegance and simplicity to one-page websites that, when done properly, neatly covers the basics of what a visitor wants to know & includes an obvious call to action. MGCC was referred to us by a current client to design and develop their website. They wanted a one-page website that would be the foundation for growing their online presence and help generate awareness of their company and services.

MGCC website - experience section

MGCC supplied the written and visual content and on reviewing the copy. Informed by the content, we created sections that highlighted:

  • MGCC's core offering
  • Their experience
  • Services they provide
  • History
  • How (& why!) to get in touch

Balancing visual information with the copy was key. Early on in the process we went back to MGCC and asked for additional copy in the stages of work section to better suit a layout idea. They came back with additional copy and imagery so we revised the layout to better reflect the content provided.

With the marble slab images they provided we were able to use those as backgrounds for some sections of the site, being careful to choose sections that had less copy to read as background images negatively affect legibility. To provide a bit of movement the first image area was changed to be a carousel to showcase their work.

MGCC website - stages section

MGCC website - contact section

Bells & Whistles

  • WordPress content management system with blocks editor
  • One-page website

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