Samuels Surveyors required a refresh of the website with new features, clear Call to Actions, and most importantly a mobile responsive design for the whole site! The new version we put together is based on the Wordpress content management system, in a child theme, with an assortment of plugins installed to provide the extra functionality that was required.

Continued Development

This project also shows that a website is never really done - sorry folks! It goes live and then should always keep evolving. We're really pleased with how the site for has gone live and that we're continually looking at updates and keeping the social media posts coming.

Screenshot from Samuels Surveyors

Social Media Management

Once the site was developed and had gone live, we put in place a Social Media Strategy to build on the keywords on the site and to promote key services that were offered by Samuels Surveyors. The new Social Media Strategy includes weekly posting on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and interactions with relevant parties where possible.

Following the increased level of activity on Instagram in particular, we embedded the Instagram feed on one of the pages of the site to highlight the range of services offered by Samuels Surveyors.

Some things are better shared

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