Before all this hit they were providing colour and style consultations to clients in their studio here in London and also visiting clients further afield. Of course, now we're all stuck at home, they realised that if they embraced Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, etc they can offer their, slightly reduced, consultations to people from screen to screen.

Expanding Site Development

I have been working with Manina, Annie, and Rachel to rapdily expand their website to include;

✔️ Adding purchasable digital consultations to the site
✔️ Reviewed all the pages on the site, blog, and e-commerce section to make sure the SEO details are up to date and relevant
✔️ Got their Instagram profile approved for tagging products
✔️ Created and then synched their catalogue in Facebook Catalog Manager to their Instagram profile.
✔️ Reviewed posted ads to date on Instagram and pointing them in the right direction for time of day and content

400% growth in Instagram and enquiries coming in!

This has now enabled Annie, Manina and Rachel to promote their services to customers all over the world, and with some judicious promoting of posts in Instagram, their followers have jumped 400% in the last three months!!

They are getting lots of enquiries from people who still want to look good at home, and to detox their wardrobes too. Their customers have realised that you can still look good at home, it makes you feel better and makes you feel more confident.

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