We like to see, not just read

With the popularity of Pinterest & Instagram, it’s not a surprise that images are becoming increasingly important for content sharing & viewing.  Images illustrate copy so the overall experience is more tangible & less demanding on the reader’s attention.  The infographic below shows the importance of high quality images on views & visits:

  • Content with images has 94% more views
  • Multimedia press releases have 77%+ views
  • In local search, images grab attention & drive contact/consideration
  • Images trump product information/description/ratings for e-commerce

Images stick

Want to be remembered in 3 days?  Use an image.  Pictures have nearly double the recall rate of text.   This doesn’t just apply to online, consider what your offline presence looks like.  Visuals are memorable, words – well, words can be made into visuals, but at the end of the day we’ll remember the bright blue sky we see more than the one we read.  Likewise, we’ll remember the logo or business card design before we remember the words on it.

Graph from Visually via MDG Advertising

Being Visual

This doesn’t mean buying stock photos.  Images should be unique & reflect the content they accompany.  From infographics to product photography, the image should be able to tell the story on its own.  That being said, while it’s popular & easy to watermark images using css, don’t.  There’s no guarantee that the watermark will stay unless it’s part of the uploaded image.  And if it’s your image, it should be watermarked so you get credit if it’s used elsewhere.

How important are images to you?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Some things are better shared

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