Step 1: Login
Login to your Magento administrator panel.

Step 2: Go to ‘Catalog’
Hover over Catalog for the drop-down menu

Magento upload image to catalog
Go to Catalog

Step 3: Select ‘Manage Products’
This will open the Manage Products page where you can either add a product or edit an existing product:

Upload product in Magento
Go to Manage Products

Step 4: Edit Product Listing
Select ‘Edit’ for the product you want to add an image to.  If you’re creating a new product, select ‘Add New Product’.  This will open the Product Information screen.

Step 5: Select ‘Images’
On the left of the screen, you have your Product Information menu.  Select ‘Images’ from this menu to view images currently associated with the product & add additional images.

Existing product images will display as a thumbnail & you can change the order the images appear by changing ‘Sort Order’.  If you have multiple images for a product, you can choose a different image to show as the thumbnail (which is used in the front end when a visitor views, for example, a product category) or base image (the large image which shows when a visitor selects a product to view).

Magneto upload catalog product
Go to Manage Products

Step 6: Browse Files
Select the images you want to upload by selecting ‘Browse Files’.  This will open a pop up window so you can browse to the images on your computer.  Select all the images you want to upload for this product & select ‘Open’.  The image files you have selected will then show on the screen.

Step 7: Upload Files
If you’re happy with the image files you’ve selected, select ‘Upload Files’ to upload the images to your product listing.

That’s it!  You can now customise your image views (reference Step 5).

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