We're pleased to announce the launch of this members only site. Once logged in, members are able to see recent news items and events on the homepage -- dynamic content that automatically updates when relevant content is added to the site. They also access a wealth of content created by the association and timely news feeds.

User Experience

A responsive website provides members with a way to enjoy content without any hassles. We used jQuery to improve the user experience and flow of information. Small things, like calculating the height of the events box on the homepage based on the longer of the two articles beside it meant that the following row of information was on the same visual line. On museum pages, the gallery description is affixed once your scroll past it unless the description is longer than the screen, in which case it scrolls normally.

A user bar at the top of the screen provides visitors with the ability to logout, change their details & update their newsletter settings.

When we opened the site for registration, we found that a lot of members weren't following instructions, despite the helper text! So we changed the wording on labels to clarify the information needed, changing username to Association Number.

Newsletter Functionality

Newsletters can be sent from website administrators and website visitors can manage their newsletter subscriptions via the website. A customised newsletter template allows administrators to send news in a consistent format.

Document Repository

Creating document categories allows all documents uploaded to a specific category to show on a page without having to manually add each document. All PDF documents also have a preview option.


The calendar not only shows upcoming events, but also allows members to RSVP. The addition of a comment form on the event enables members to liaise with one another about the event - useful to share directions, tips, or even offer a car share!

Event organisers can then access a list of attendees who have RSVP'd via the site. Event attendees also have the option of being sent a reminder the day before the event.

User Roles

Multiple user roles on the site allow for various levels of permission to add and edit content. This enables some members to have the flexibility to add content relevant to their role in the organisation while maintaining secure access to other areas.