In Case of Emergency (ICE)

From your phone's lock screen there's an 'Emergency Call' button. Yes, this allows someone who finds your phone to ring emergency services but it can also allow whoever is holding the phone to ring any contacts designated as an emergency contact. Phone lost & found by a good samaritan? The finder can access the emergency contact from the Emergency Call screen & say they've found the phone. Medical emergency? Ditto; medics can use your phone to let your emergency contact know what's happening.

Set up ICE on an Android

  1. Go to Contacts
  2. Select the contact you want to set up as ICE
  3. Select 'Details'
  4. Select 'Edit'  on the contact's details as you'll need to add them to the ICE group. From the edit screen:
    1. Scroll down & select Groups
    2. Select ICE - emergency contacts
  5. Save

Set up ICE on an iPhone

  1. Open the Health app 
  2. Select the Medical ID tab
  3. Select 'Edit' and scroll to Emergency Contacts.
    1. To add an emergency contact, select the 'Add icon' 
    2. Select a contact, then add their relationship to you
    3. Done

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