Is there still value in this old thing? YES! Even if it's not monetary, the parts in electronics can often be reused in newer models if you recycle them properly. But before you send it to for electronics recycling, consider how to extend its useful life.

First & most important step for all electronics is to clear it of personal data. Resetting your device to factory settings should do the trick for smartphones & tablets. 

Reuse: repurpose, pass or sell older electronics on

Your smartphone may not be fast enough or have enough memory to keep up with your use, but what about someone else? Extend its useful life with another user. You'd be surprised who can make do with something that isn't very fast anymore. 

Pass it on 

My digital camera from 8 years ago isn't gathering dust; it's currently my toddler's camera. It may not have the games or special effects that a kid's digital camera does, but it takes much better quality pictures & it's amazing to see the world from her perspective. Likewise, my older brother's oldest iPhone is his toddler's phone. She can do basic things on it & that's really all she wants it for. Added bonus; giving her her own phone means she's stopped using her parents! My old phone? Went to my father-in-law who's really not fussed that the camera's not as great as it could be or some apps can't be installed on it because it's too old. 

Repurposing ideas

Our old old old Android phone is permanently plugged in solely for the Ring doorbell app so instead of having the chime that plugs into the wall we just have the app running on a phone that has a fixed home in our home. Added bonus with this one; we can control how loud it rings and I get to change it to seasonal ring tones for the holidays.

There are a number of baby monitoring apps, so if you've got an old phone & a baby you can use it as a baby monitor

Where to sell older electronics

If it's a smartphone, ask about trade-in when you upgrade your current phone. It's a low effort way of recovering some of the cost of the smartphone back. Otherwise, there's a number of websites where you can list electronics for sale:

  • CeX if it's quite new & in good working order
  • eBay
  • Facebook
  • Gumtree
  • local sites, like NextDoor

Even if you think no one could possibly want something that old, there is a surprising market for nostalgic items like old walkmans, CD players and even the older TVs (as in pre-flatscreen old)


Unable to reuse it? Recycle it so the parts can be used in newer models.

Where to go for recycling:

  • Local recycling centres will have a bin for electronic devices
  • Some charities accept old electronics for recycling;
    • Oxfam and British Red Cross shops accept old phones
    • Recyle4Charity accepts old ink cartridges
    • Greyhound Trust accepts a number of old electronics, from smartphones to handheld gaming devices

So dust off those old electronics & reuse, repurpose or recycle your old electronics today. Any other tips or suggestions for what to do with old electronics? Drop a comment below! 

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