When you consider that we've been designing websites since 2000, it might seem odd that it took us so long to redesign our own. The temptation to jump on the latest trend, to just sweep the old away and pop something new in it's place can be irresistible.

Things We've Learned

Have a goal

Know what you want to accomplish before you start. The goal acts as a pivot point for all other decisions. It can also help eliminate content and features that don't support the goal.

Design has conflict by nature

Not all design decisions are unanimous. Not everyone will agree that continuous scrolling is better than links to new pages. Not everyone likes the colour green. So learn to listen and learn from voices of dissent.

Know your content

This seems pretty obvious, but it can be all too easy to get wrapped up in how things look and feel and forget that people come for your content. We started with the navigation menu because we knew we wanted to keep it simple. Once we had that mapped out, it helped us structure pages.

Set deadlines

it took us ages to redesign our website because we kept shifting the deadline to allow for other work (and selfishly we didn't want to sacrifice work/life balance). But once we set a deadline it helped focus our attention. Of course, it helped that this overlapped with a number of client projects being wrapped up!

Some things are better shared

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