“Well done to you all.  A great improvement, love the new fonts too.  This will take us forward and do our image a power of good.
Many many thanks,” Rowland, Managing Director of Grey4Gold

“Just a word to say that that looks –and FEELS a lot better. Well done!
Regards,” Colin, Grey4Gold PR Guru

Original Remit

The site’s original design, seen below, focused on call to action buttons.  As a new website, Grey4Gold’s initial objective was to gain a foothold in the competitive world of online recruitment and this was accomplished by providing a clear USP – offering a no-fee service and direct access to experienced professionals.

Evolved Remit

After a year of successful registrations, the site’s messaging has evolved to reflect an additional USP  – matching candidates with job opportunities based on areas of experience.  The revamp focuses on clear calls to action and increased usability on the homepage; login, registration and search.  A simplified navigation menu provides a call to action hierarchy and the typography facilitates content-skimming and helps guide the user to the most relevant bits of information.

Grey4Gold revamped website


The site went live June 13 and the graph below charts visits with conversions in the 4 weeks prior (green line) against the 4 weeks after (blue line).

Grey4Gold conversions 

By making it easier for visitors to register and expediting access to core site functions such as search, the number of visits with conversions increased by 94.20% and the bounce rate improved by 5.21%.

Visit Grey4Gold.com and tap into a wealth of experienced professionals.

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