I was recently asked to give a talk to a couple of really interesting of groups of business owner-drivers and had to wrack my brains about what to talk about, where to start, and how to keep that content to the point!

So, you're online with your new website, but that is just the start… You should now be doing the following;

  • Refreshing that content (regularly please!), this keeps Google coming back to reindex the site and that's a good thing, leading to better rankings over time.
  • Have you considered a Google Adword campaign perhaps?
  • Ensured that the content is Search Engine Optimised?
  • Is the site Responsive, ie. works on mobile platforms?
    • Google's new update towards the end of April will mark you down if the site is not mobile responsive.
  • Facebook page (and other appropriate social channels) set up and active?
  • Are you targetting your content to your audience?

Apart from firing out a series of questions I also talked through some of the good practices for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram and how they can work for different industries. There is a list of some of the really useful social media management tools that are out there, most of them are free, and these can really give your social media that valuable edge amongst all the digital clutter that is out there.

To read more I have attached a PDF copy of my Powerpoint notes that I was using. I hope it proves useful, and gives you some inspiration.

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