It's weird to get an email from 'Owner' weirder still when the email address is But this is what happens if you don't change some of the configuration settings in Magento. It makes your store look unprofessional, so take the time to check it's been done. Bear in mind that Magento's default settings seem to be US, PST. Depending on your business, you'll likely find that other changes need to be made, but at a minimum, here's what you'll want to change:



What to enter/change/check:

  • Countries Options
    • Default Country (where your store is based)
      Whatever your default country is set to is also the default country setting on the front end for the ordering process
    • Allow Countries (where you ship to)
  • States Options
    Countries that require a state
  • Locale Options
    • Timezone
    • Locale
    • First Day of Week
    • Weekend Days
  • Store Information
    This information is used in various templates, so take the time to fill it out
    • Store Name
    • Store Contact Telephone
    • VAT Number
    • Store Contact Address


  • Search Engines Optimisation
    Turn 'Use Web Server Rewrites' to Yes for search engine friendly URLs
  • Unsecure
    • Base URL
  • Secure
    • Base URL
  • Default Pages
    Set your CMS Home Page here


  • HTML Head
    Favicon, default meta information, robots
  • Header
    Add logo image src and alt text
  • Footer
  • Transactional Emails
    Add logo to be used on emails

Currency Set Up

  • Base Currency
    The currency transactions will be processed in
  • Default Display Currency
  • Allowed Currencies

Store Email Addresses

These senders (name and email) are used in various email templates.

  • General Contact
  • Sales Representative
  • Customer Support


  • Send Emails To
  • Email Sender
  • Email Template



  • Product Image Placeholders



  • Invoice and Packing Slip Design
    Logo for PDF and HTML views, address


Default tax destination calculation, tax settings (show including / excluding tax)

Shipping Settings

  • Origin
    Set address item being shipped from

Shipping Methods

Set shipping methods

Payment Methods

Enable relevant payment methods, PayPal option available with basic installation

  • Merchant Location

Other Settings You Can Change

Magento is incredibly flexible and you'll find that the Configuration page enables you to change a huge amount of settings, including:

  • Show out of stock items
  • Allow backorders
  • Change default email templates
  • Change settings on Newsletters sent
  • Sitemaps for SEO
  • Enable/disable Wishlist
  • Add Google Analytics details



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