This talk was designed to try and help get to grips with what programs such as Mailchimp can do for your business. It included a load of tips on how to try and structure your newsletters, work on a good layout/template, and how to get people to read your newsletter!

Questions and points we talked over;

  • Is your subject line taking names and kicking ass?
  • Relevance of message, go niche, work on that content lilt… ?!
  • Layout ideas, looking at colours and good templates and styles
  • Managing your email lists, with segments and groups, using Merge tags, subject lines
  • How to write for those of us who SCAN READ! I’m talking about most of us!
  • What actually gets read on an e-shot?

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We talked over trying out Mailchimp templates to help you design a great looking email, focussing on colours, layout and those all important CTAs (Calls to Action..). Remember to check that they’re responsive and test your email before sending! Frequency of emails was covered as well as touching upon how efficient use of segments and groups along with automation can really work wonders with your audience.

To read more I have attached a PDF copy of my presentation. Please do let me know if you have any thoughts!

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