What is Facebook's Creator Studio?

We hear it a lot - "why can't I post to Instagram from my desktop?" Fear not, while you can't go to instagram.com to post, Facebook's creator studio is a website that lets you create, schedule and publish posts to your Facebook & Instagram accounts from your laptop / desktop. Find it here: http://facebook.com/creatorstudio

Caveat - you'll need a Facebook account to use Creator Studio. You'll also need to connect the Instagram account you want to post to. If it's already connected you'll find both a Facebook & Instagram icon in middle of the top bar of the page & it will also show in the Instagram Accounts tab.

If you're not yet linked, use the Add Instagram Account button. If you're already logged in to Instagram then it will bring up that account, otherwise you'll need your Instagram username & password.

Linked? Great, let's carry on.

Post to your Instagram Feed from your desktop

On the left you'll find the Create Post dropdown which gives you the option to either post to your feed or Instagram TV. Select Instagram Feed to post to your feed & off we go!

 A pop-up window will open where you can:

  • Write your caption (& don't forget to hashtag!)
  • Attach image(s)
    Yes!! You can attach multiple images or a video. Image not square? No worries, it'll let you crop once uploaded.
  • Add location to your post
    Start by typing in the location & a dropdown list will appear with suggestions. Simply select the location from this list.
  • Publish now, schedule for later or save as a draft

The Publish button isn't active until you add media to your post.  Once media is added you can then choose to either publish now, schedule or save as a draft.

Can I publish the Instagram post to Facebook too? 

Yes! There's a Post to Facebook option below where you upload media. You can also select a different time/date to post so they're not direct mirrors of each other.

What else can I do in Creator Studio?

Well, it's Facebook Creator Studio so you can only create for Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) or Facebook. You'll still need another scheduling tool like Hootsuite for Twitter etc. 

But what you can do is look at Insights;

  • Post interactions
  • Accounts reached
  • Actions taken (e.g. profile visit, website visit)
  • Audience insights (demographic info, including when your followers are online)

For those of us (like me!) who much prefer typing on an actual keyboard, being able to create posts on a laptop is fantastic. Have you used Facebook Creator Studio? Share your experience in a comment below.

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