Shoppers Research 2x More

It's no longer about impulse buys. Shoppers, equipped with smartphones, now make considered purchases. 

Shoppers are consulting at least 12 sources before making a purchase decision (in 2010 shoppers used an average of 5 sources). And they're not just reading reviews. YouTube unboxing videos, video reviews and haul videos (where people share what they've just bought) are hugely popular. Views of haul vidoes alone were up 1.7x compared to 2013.

The amount of information easily available makes it too easy to make decisions like a Maximizer. Psychology researchers have concluded there are 2 basic types of decision makers; Maximizers and Satisficers. Maximizers research and look at their options before making a choice. A Satisficer (created by blending the words satisfy and suffice together) makes decision quicker, choosing an option that fills the minimum criteria. 

What you can do

  • Be descriptive
    Don't just add a product. Talk about the benefits of it, who it would be a great gift for, what makes it worth spending money on.
  • Create multi-media content
    Does the product require some at home-assembly? Or even just a battery? Why not create a video to show how to assemble the product or insert the battery?
  • Provide comparitive info
    Make it easy for shoppers to compare products against one another and provide the information they need to compare.

The Smartphone Assistant

I do this. When in-store I'll look up a product rather than asking a sales person (if only because I find it incredibly difficult to find a sales person most of the time!). One in three shoppers do this too. Shoppers are looking up videos while in-store to inform their purchase decision and are usually coming in having done a lot of research beforehand. This means they're coming in with a purpose. Not just to browse, but to do something.

What you can do

  • Make it easy for shoppers to do what they want in-store or online
    If they're coming in to buy something, yes it can be helpful to suggest alternatives, but don't make them feel like their choice isn't a good one. Also, have enough staff on the floor to help customers.
  • Be prepared to have a conversation, not just do a sales pitch
    Customers are researching beforehand, so they know the sales bumff. Be prepared to answer their questions and talk about the product honestly. Maybe you saw a product review on YouTube- tell them about it.

Search Peaks

  • Peak search time for Christmas tree ornaments is 8 December
  • Spike in 'ugly sweater' searches on 14 December
  • Panic shopping for dads as gift ideas for dad peak on 21 December
  • Super panic shopping for moms as gift ideas for mom peak on 23 December
The biggest days for shopping from Think with Google

What you can do

  • Curate your products into groups; gift ideas for Dad, Mum, etc.
  • If you write a blog, blog about a product & how it'd be great for a Dad that likes xyz.
  • Use search queries in your product descriptions
    e.g. An ideal Christmas gift for Dad

Read the report on Think with Google.

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