The Basics

@username lets you mention someone in a tweet.  This tweet then shows in their Mentions tab.

#hashtag is used for specific keywords and events.  Following a hashtag will bring up any tweets mentioning that keyword/event name.

DMusername sends a private tweet to another user.  They’ll receive it in their Messages tab but it won’t appear in your Twitter feed.  This is best for exchanging information such as a phone number or email that you don’t want in the public domain.


Encourage people to follow you on Twitter by offering snippets of insight or information that isn’t available on your blog or other mediums.

Add your Twitter ID to your email signature and business card to encourage others to engage with you on Twitter.

Add a Follow button to your website and/or blog.  This streamlines the process for a visitor to become a follower by eliminating the step of going to view the profile to click follow.


If someone @mention’s you or retweets your tweet, take the time to say thank you or respond back to them.  Face to face you would never blank someone talking to you so don’t do it on Twitter.  Obvious exception is if they’ve just mentioned you to spam you.


Twitter is a platform to communicate with clients and colleagues alike.  Follow people who you’re interested in working with & respond to their tweets to differentiate yourself.  Don’t just use it as soap box for promotional messages, use it as as a tool to have online conversations Ask your followers questions and reply to tweets that you follow.

New Business Opportunities

Save relevant search terms in Twitter to see when others are tweeting about possible business opportunities.  If you run a training company, save search terms like ‘Trainer Wanted’ and ‘Experienced Trainer.’

Event Marketing

Major event in your industry? Follow the event hashtag in Twitter to see what others are tweeting and engage with them.  Reaper attended the recent Internet World Expo and when we received @ tweets from exhibitors we went to see them.  Why? Because they stood out from the crowd by contacting us directly & gave us a call to action with incentive that we could immediately act on.

Similarly, when we did a daily round up of the info from Internet World both our Facebook and Twitter followers and engagement went up because we were posting timely and relevant content.

Track What Links are Clicked

If you’re sharing links on Twitter, use a link shortener that will let you track how many times the link is clicked on.   Analyse the results to see what engages your followers and focus more on that topic. is our tool of choice at Reaper.  It also includes a handy QR code generator if you want to use QR codes in your printed marketing material.

Twitter// Tool Kit

There are some great tools to maximise the ROI on your Twitter account.  This is a rundown of some of the tools we use to monitor our Twitter popularity, influence and to be increasingly social.

tweeteffectSee what tweets gain or lose you followers with Tweet Effect.  It’s a free service that cleverly colour codes when you lose (red) followers & gain (green) followers so you have an idea of what tweets are successful.


Twitter Grader looks at the impact your Twitter account has.  There is a secret algorithm behind the calculations, but effectively this is a free tool to see how impactful your tweets are and the influence of your Twitter account.  Grading each account out of 100, Twitter Grader tells you how many accounts have an equal or lower score than you.  As with all grades out of 100,  you want to be closer to 100 than not for a successful Twitter account.


Tweet Alarm lets you save searches and opp to have the results emailed to you.  No more checking your Saved Searches tab or stream.

Tweet Socially


Twitter for Pages lets you link your tweets to your Facebook page by adding a tab.  This is a great way of expanding your social media presence through cross-platform promotion.  Customise the application further by changing the name from Twitter to your Twitter account name.

Likewise with LinkedIn and a WordPress blog.  You can opt to link your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile and either automatically or selectively post your tweets to your LinkedIn profile.  You can also stream your tweets or #hashtag topics on your WordPress blog with plugins such as Tweet Blender.

What tools do you use to better manage your Twitter account and engage with your Twitter followers?

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