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Ads are a great way to drive sales during the Christmas season.  An effective Google AdWords campaign doesn’t generate clicks.  It generates sales.  Start with a basic understanding of AdWords and why your landing page matters.

Static blocks let you create, edit and maintain content on non-CMS Magento pages without having to know html or edit the core files every time.  Find out how to create, edit and add them to your Magento website today.

Take the message beyond ‘You are now logged out’ or ‘You are now signed out.’  Because we’re never really signed out (not with smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi & 3G at least), make the most out of the sign out page and use it to redirect.

You’re viewing this on a rectangle.  The biggest limitation in website design is how to work within a rectangle; monitors, laptops, iPads, 3G/4G phones all have a rectangular screen on which a site can be viewed.

Tap into the subconscious by using smarter colour choices in your website design.  Finding the perfect balance of accent vs. neutral colours online is an important part of the marketing mix.

The coveted first page search engine results placement doesn’t have a magic formula, but it does have logic.  Here are four factors that influence your search engine ranking.